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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: FW: PPC Mac Build problems

Hi Alan,

libCDraw.a is built as a universal binary containing both Intel and PPC code. Are you running a version of Mac OS that understands universal binaries and/or are your build tools up to date enough to understand universal binaries? We recommend using Mac OS 10.4.3 or later and XCode 2.2 or later.

BTW: If you join the dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list and post your questions there you're more likely to get swifter answers to your questions.

Phil Martin

Neil Howe wrote:
Can you respond to this please? Has the wrong Mac libCDraw been


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From: Alan shouls [mailto:ashouls@xxxxxxxxxxx] Sent: 12 September 2006 23:10
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Subject: PPC Mac Build problems


I am trying to get the Mac build of xara to work as a prelude to seeing
if I can find the time to 'pitch in'. When I execute the command

  ranlib libs/darwin/libCDraw.a

I get the error message

ranlib: for architecture i386 object: libs/darwin/libCDraw.a(libCDrawStatic.a-i386-master.o) malformed object (unknown flavor for flavor number 0 in LC_UNIXTHREAD command 3 can't byte swap it)

I am attempting to build on a PPC laptop - and it looks like the object
file is of the wrong architecture. I followed the ' Download Xara LX Source Code' link as dirrected,

Up until then the instructions worked just fine.

If you can put me right I will continue my adventures.

Best regards


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