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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara finally dead?

Philipp Schmieder wrote:
It's been nearly two months since the last piece of code has been committed to Xara's SVN. So I wonder whether XaraXtreme for Linux is has finally come to an end, is finally a dead project?

Hopefully not. XaraXtreme is a wonderful piece of software, unfortunately, as far I can understand, there is lack of open-source developers for XaraLX. This is really a shame because the code, though difficult initially to study, is very clean, well documented and technically/mathematically extremely

In the past I was writing (on contract) the SVGFilter component of the XaraLX
project, unfortunately for both me and Xara I had personal problems that
forced me to give up.  The continuation of my work as open-source contribution
is still on my TODO list, the problem is that I give (of course) priority
to jobs that permits me to buy the daily bread :-)


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