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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] source?



We hope to start opening the source within a few weeks. We’re still very busy with aspects of the Xara Xtreme launch and we need to sort out quite a few things before we can start, such as license headers in the source files, build guide, basic documentation, etc. To start with it will just be the source for the current viewer demo that we’ve made available on the xaraxtreme.org site. That will quickly be followed by other parts of the source being made available piece by piece so that it can be ported and incorporated into the main program.


We’ll keep you updated with our progress and we’ll get you involved as soon as we can.


Thanks for your interest.





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Best place to reach them is through the Contact link.


On 10/13/05, Paul F. Johnson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> making xara gpl sounds really promising, when will we have a chance to
> look at the code?

There is a fresh Win32 version due soon and from an email yesterday, it
looks like it will be a couple of weeks until the doors are opened.

Have you contacted Xara to express an interest in helping develop the


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