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[XaraXtreme-dev] Updated Xara LX download

We've updated the Xara LX viewer download to version 0.1b.
This includes support for the (almost) full range of Xara fill types,
along with a number of other fixes which means it should now load and
render a much wider range of Xara documents.

We've also updated the Designs folder to include some more examples such
as the famous Microscope design. There's also a Fill Types.xar example
that shows off some of the wide range of basic object fill types that
Xara supports (one of the distinguishing aspects of the Xara rendering
engine is its very wide range of basic fill types).

Apart from progressing the Xara LX preview build, we've been continuing
to work on the source codes files, documentation etc in preparation for
making this Open Source. We hope to start this process within a week or