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[XaraXtreme-dev] Ubuntu Gutsy problems

There have been a few problems reported about XaraLX not starting on Ubuntu
Gutsy, or not printing, or generally falling over. This would appear to be
because it is built (either under Ubuntu itself, or in binary distribution)
against wxWidgets 2.6.x, which has an incompatibility with GTK 2.12.
Specifically button borders are allocated with GSlice not normal malloc,
and thus when they are freed using gfree() the app goes bang.

The most obvious problem is the app falling over on init when starting
without imagemagick, but this also causes an explosion on printing. I fixed
that in svn, but it just masks the problem.

A workaround is to start the app with the following environment variable

This is fixed in WX_2_6_BRANCH but not in 2.6.4. I think the real cure is
going to be to compile against 2.8.4 rather than 2.6.x.

Anyone object to building with 2.8.4 (I haven't yet fully tested this)?