Source Code

This is the latest Xara LX source code. The tar archive contains everything you should need to build Xara LX on Linux and Mac.

You can also get read access to the Xara LX Subversion repository. See Subversion access instructions.

Doxygen Xara LX source code documentation

Building Xara LX

Here are the instructions for building Xara LX. Please let us know via the mail lists if you encounter any errors or inaccuracies in these instructions and we'll get them updated.

Xara LX Linux build instructions

Xara LX Mac build instructions

The latest source code is built automatically every few hours on a 32bit Linux box and the resulting program appears as the latest version on the download page of this web site.
Click here to view the most recent 32bit Linux build log.
Click here to download the most recently built XaraLX executable file (not stripped, 50MB+).


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 November 2008 15:00 )