What are your goals?
Why does making Xara Xtreme Open Source help?
Is this a reaction to Microsoft moving into this area?
Can Xara afford to do this?
So how do you intend to make money?
Does this mean you lose control of Xara X / Xtreme?
But can't your competitors now steal or use your features and code?
So you're giving away your crown jewels?
Do you intend to sell commercial licenses?

Linux & Technical
But this is Windows application, surely it's a huge job to convert to Linux or Mac?
What about Inkscape / Sodipodi / other Open Source vector programs?
I'm a Linux developer - do I support Inkscape or Xara?
Wouldn't it be great to have a product that has the best of Inkscape and Xara?
Can Inkscape take your features or can you take Inkscape features?
Isn't it a good thing that there will be two separate drawing programs on Linux?
How long will it take?
What version are you making Open Source?
Does this mean we'll see other Xara variants?

Licensing and Open Source
What license are you using for the open source version, and why?
I am a developer and I think it's great you've released Xara Xtreme under the GPL. How do I contribute the bugfixes and/or features I have written?
You say you are also doing a commercial version (for Windows now, and for Linux or Mac later) which contains proprietary code?. How can you do that if the code is GPL? Doesn't the GPL prohibit linking to non-opensource code?
So are your going to be asking for copyright assignment on any contribution I make?

Windows users
I'm a Windows user, how does this help me?
Why isn't it free on Windows?
When will we see the benefits?

How can I help, as a developer?
How can I help, as an end-user?
How can we help as a commercial company or organisation?
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