How you can help

We need your help. Xara cannot do this alone.

If you want to help us create the greatest desktop graphics product that has existed on Linux (or Mac) and are a developer with some time, please contact us. We have the product, the knowledge and the code, and it's all being GPLed to make this possible. We need developers to help make this happen faster and sooner so please contact us.

The source code bundle contains everything necessary to build the current LX, plus a LOT more of the Xara Xtreme source code. In fact it's the majority of the Xara Xtreme source code.

However in order to stand any chance of managing this release, we are doing this a stage at a time. So this first source code release does not contain the 'CDraw' low level rasteriser and some other parts. We have provided pre-compiled static libraries for these for Linux x86 (32 and 64-bit) and Mac (PowerPC & Intel) inside the source tar archives. These parts work and do not need any additional work doing to them. So we want to focus efforts on porting the wider toolset and non-working features.

If everything progresses to plan,  there will be further source code releases once we've managed through this first release stage, and as the porting develops towards completion. We have a very real concern that as we open this source code we'll find our limited developer resources doing nothing but answering other developer questions. We hope that as more external developers join the project and get up to speed this burden will reduce.

Working on graphics software is a LOT more interesting than working on most development projects, if only to get the satisfaction of seeing amazing things that talented artists can do with your work. Click here for a list of areas that it's worth focussing on.

How To Contribute

See the License & contributing page of this site.

Source Code

Go to the Source code & building page to download the Xara LX source code and to find out how to build the program on Linux and Mac. 


See the translations page for details on how to create Xara LX translations.

Mail Lists

Visit the Mailing lists page to subscribe to one of the Xara LX mail lists.


Yes, we do have some useful documents! See them in the Documentation section.

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