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[XaraXtreme-dev] Xara PR

I have been looking for xara linux news for a long time. I thought the
project was killed or something like that. Today I saw a external site
saying the project is not dead, so intead of putting a single news

"Xara Xtreme project is stopped right now. Please stay tunned as the
project returns in February."

[That's 15 words work. People can see it and say "well, I will come in

They now come and say "Last news are from 11 August, this project is
dead because X reason, move along" Maybe they will see the empty
mailing lists for confirmation.

An about community support, people know that today Xara Linux is not
free source, if the kernel lib is not at least GPL, then it's not
free. I understand how hard this decision is for you, but is hard for
other people to give their time for a company for free too, instead of
giving it to their studies, families... The GPL gives them something
in exchange, GPL makes it "their" code too.

Have a good time:
           Jose Hevia