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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara PR


> An about community support, people know that today Xara Linux is not
> free source, if the kernel lib is not at least GPL, then it's not
> free. I understand how hard this decision is for you, but is hard for
> other people to give their time for a company for free too, instead of
> giving it to their studies, families... The GPL gives them something
> in exchange, GPL makes it "their" code too.

The problem isn't so much this, it's more that Xara was (and still is
for Win32) a commercial product with the kernel having chunks of code in
which simply can't be released under GPL (licences, copyrights - it gets

It does cause a problem for distros as the library doesn't have the
source and so it can't be officially supported. This will very soon be
the case with Fedora Core.

I currently package it for Fedora Extras, but due to the above problem,
it's soon to be removed. It can go back in though when the source to all
becomes available.

Sad, but that's the way it is.


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