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[XaraXtreme-dev] 0.2a released

Xara LX News 21-Feb-06 

We've now updated the recommended download version to 0.2a. Here's a summary of the main changes since the recent 0.2 update:-
* Cursor changes are now more reliable in the select, push and zoom tools.
* Zoom and other shortcut keys now working
* Most of the annoying full redraws that happened on resizing, selecting and moving between tools have been eliminated thanks to some fixes by the wxWidgets developers.
* Scrolling and pushing now work much better.
* Rendering improved further so many documents that wouldn't render with 0.2 will work in 0.2a.
* More improvements to object dragging.
Get the update from the download page now: www.xaralx.org/download

Mac devs

We've had a few volunteers to help build the Mac version who have unfortunately not been able to help. Are there other Mac devs out there who want to be involved in creating a truly ground-breaking Mac application? If you're a C++ Mac developer and really have time to contribute, email developers@xxxxxxxxx

Linux devs

And of course we'd like some more active Linux developers too! Xara LX will soon be at the point where it starts to become useful, so if you're interested in the program and have some time available please get involved now and email developers@xxxxxxxxx
The Xara Team