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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

Alex said;

> For what it's worth I am a bit frustrated too (my code 
> contributions are done on a volunteer basis, in case that 
> isn't obvious). There have not been a plethora of similar 
> volunteers coming forward to contribute code. It is less fun 
> working on a project when there are few others working on it. 
> I appreciate that for some people this down to the CDraw 
> license, though I don't think that's the only issue for 
> everyone.

Well I'd share your frustration Alex if I were in your position - you've
been far and away the largest single outside contributor, and it must be
a little galling to be going it alone so much.  What's more you've been
more than helpful answering questions or supporting the few others that
have dipped their toes in. (far more helpful to newcomers than I've see,
say, from the Inkscape developer community (not to have a dig at them).)

IF we had more active developers and could see the product evolving and
improving, then decisions about the future would be an awful lot easier.