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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

On 2/17/07, Charles Moir <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
And for someone that knew Cairo or studied the CDraw interface in Xara
Xtreme this is not really that difficult a job. I would bet who knew
what they were doing could have something operational in days (obviously
a lot longer to get it fully functional).

Just my $.02: from my superficial digs into Xara code, I got the
impression that the binary lib is used not only for rendering but also
for some nontrivial path operations such as path length, converting
stroke to path, contouring etc. Cairo has nothing of this; its only
job is rendering. So looks like you will also need to use some kind of
path geometry lib.

Even in the rendering department, cairo has nothing like, for example,
Xara's conical or multiple-point gradients. In fact it is unlikely to
have anything but linear and radial, because it generally follows the
SVG model and SVG only has linear and radial gradients (at least in
the latest version).

bulia byak
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