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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

CharlesM wrote:

>PS One of the obvious 'disastrous' scenarios for CDraw, and indeed 
>whole project, is if were to be ported back to Windows and used to
>compete against our commercial versions,

Considering the state of LX so far, I'd say that's very unlikely. It's 
a slow, bloated, buggy and very incomplete.

If this half-GPL'd LX is what your proprietary version has to compete 
against, especially as the proprietary version contains other "value 
adding" proprietary pieces that will never become GPL'd, the 
proprietary version must be really, really bad if you even think this 
is competition.

Still, it nicely displays what you really think about Free Software.

>From my tests, Inkscape currently beats LX on everything I have tested 
- on Windows as well on other platforms - and LX has got some *serious* 
catching-up to do to become competetive even with that *fully* free 
software. Perhaps that is what you should measure your proprietary 
version against instead of spreading your personal FUD and speculate 
what could happen if GDraw src was released?

> so jeopardising the revenue and
>jobs of the staff working on the product. i.e. exactly what that Mike
>'tamlin' character is trying to achieve

Those are very serious accusations. Perhaps you should discuss them 
with a company lawyer...

Anyway, if this is your view of free software developers wanting to 
improve LX, that they are to be accused of "jeopardising the revenue 
and jobs of the staff working on the product" I find it amusing you're 
dissatisfied with the amount of interest you got from external 
developers. Perhaps you should go public with this view to really make 
sure all pointential free software developers know about it. I'm sure 
they would just _love_ Xara after this is made clear.

I must however thank you for finally displaying what you're all about. 
I also think it's now displayed in no uncertain terms that you were 
indeed stringing everyone along for a ride, with no intention to ever 
release the src for GDraw (as compiling that would for most platforms 
not require any "porting" at all).

> (as well as sprouting rubbish about us going against GPL).

Again, if this is how you feel, perhaps you should take this up too 
with the with a company lawyer at the same time you ask him how 
damaging your slander and defamation of character could be.

Anyway, as you have now finally come out of the closet wrt your real 
intentions and views on free software, I see I have just wasted time 
with my (cross-platform!) improvments to LX. Thanks for letting me 
having wasted all this time!