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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara's feature

> So, folks, can't we come together to move the program into the future,
> even though it is almost complete now. I would like it to import WMFs as
> vectors, copy and paste to the Linux clipboard, and export true PDFs.
> For me, that would be sufficient. To ever get it to the level of the
> present Windows Pro version is almost too much to ask. For me, SVGs are
> of little importance.
Completely agree!!!

SVG - is shit.

Wonderful flame!

Well, not shit if what you want is to read-write the file easily. With
any text processor you can do it. This is of extraordinary importance
when you want to own your own data:
*Open-Edit the file with different programs.(Matlab, numpy, inkscape,
gnumeric, firefox, abiword,GRASS, Latex, your own scripts and
* Extract data manually.(extract a path info and do something with it,
like laser-water cutting)
* Translate your file to another file format.
* SVG is a vendor neutral format, so different vendors could contribute to it.
* Introduce data manually (you have the path info (map) want the vector file)
* Do presentations and recycle your work easily with inkview.

(Maybe you don't know how to do this, but this doesn't mean it doesn't exist)

What is it's advantage if it could'nt handle other type of transparency except linear and circular?

The advantage of doing complex things with simple things. If you
expect your work to be anything different that a pixmap e.g If you
want your data to be rendered, the printer has to know how to do it,
it could have a circuit that renders simple gradients, then you send
your data in vector form (PS, PDF) and printer does wasting 1/10000 of
bandwidth(of the pixmap version).

So in a university, if the printers are busy loading-translating
enormous memory bitmaps, people has to wait, and printers lost money.

There is a big difference between having linear gradients, and having
no gradients, and every non linear gradient could be decomposed in a
composition of linear ones.

Or maybe it could, but not yet? And what should be happen to force it to support these types of transparency?
SVG is so open standard, so open!
So open like XAR. Exactly.

I feel like XAR opened after SVG was created, and there is only one
stable implementation that works with it.

Xar already have these transparencies and could handle other types if it will be necessary.
So I think - PS, AI, EPS, and now SVG are the same things. SVG its just new toy. It is new and everybody wants to play with it.
So funny to see Inkscape users. BTW inkscape is just a toy too. Funny but completelly useless if you want to draw something just a little too complex. And that Gaussian Blur feature was thunder joke after Xara's feather.

Funny is that a lot of people are not graphic designers, they need
something to make diagrams (*) with, and for this people, Inkscape
works well enough. You know what? Is it the majority of the

(*)or simple comics, or schematics or inkboard or whatever

Maybe Im angry too. Angry to see how computer indystry invents troubles again and again. Anyway this is my 2 cents to this huge list of flood. Sorry for bad English.

Sorry for replying the flamewar.