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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Gdraw replacement

That seems to me the best way forward, too.
However, maybe we *could* get some assistance from Xara here, especially
in terms of
-what exactly is needed

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Van: owner-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Namens Jose Hevia
Verzonden: maandag 19 februari 2007 15:51
Aan: dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Onderwerp: [XaraXtreme-dev] Gdraw replacement


It seems the best I can do now is stop arguing and do something. I have
some experience with cairo, GTK and C/C++ programming, but nothing with
Xara either wxwidgets.

I will try to study the code, and documentation, and see if I can do
anything about it.Work doing a sourceforge project and page specifically
oriented toward Gdraw cairo replacement should be needed too.

I wish to thank Xara people (and especially Charles) for getting to
here. I understand their position, and their risk. Let's hope we end
with our differences with time.

Best regards
  Jose Hevia

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