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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Moving to Cairo (was Ping)

Jose Hevia wrote:
>> More than that, because no one wants a fork, so I'd say we'd help make
>> this happen in the official SVN builds. i.e. we create a branch, or just
>> the modify the main version, so that it can be used with Cairo instead
>> of / as well as CDraw.
>There is no need to make a fork, just create a library libCDraw.a that
>works with cairo, maybe it is possible to create a libCDraw bindings
>to antigrain http://antigrain.com/ that is GPL too, and fast.

Perhaps it's a good idea to create a mechanism to switch the 
Graphic engines (used libraries) with a option within Xara Xtreme's 
options dialog (Menu "Utilities" -> "Options...") and also a additional 
parameter to start Xara Xtreme with a special Graphic engine from the 

Perhaps Xara Xtreme needs a new internal "CurrentGraphicEngine"-
object with some properties about the possibilties of the current
used GraphicEngine (for example "supportedFillTypes: Flat Fill, Linear,
Circular, Elliptical, ....")? Following this approach, each drawing 
function needs to ask the CurrentGraphicEngine-object about the 
available functions and shows only these options, which are supported 
by the current Graphic Engine. If Cairo doesn't support advanced fill 
types, the Fill Tool doesn't show these fill types or - better - 
tries to simulate them (otherwise there would be a lot of problems
by opening a .XAR file with advanced fill types).

 Marcus Reimann