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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Move from CDraw to AGG

--On 28 February 2007 15:19 +0000 Charles Moir <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes indeed we said we'd be quite happy to host this, and it makes sense
for us to do it. To make it clear it's not even a fork really, just a
new build that will have the ability to use Cairo

I am presuming/hoping it won't be a fork in any sense, let alone
"really". What I am hoping will happen is it will be a compile-time
option to include (or exclude) CDraw (as Cairo will be useful even
when CDraw is compiled in). To start off with, it might be a compile-time
option to include Cairo, as it will inevitably be less than fully
functional to start off with. When both are compiled in, there would
then be the possibility of a choice between rendering engines, which
would be useful to make sure the final output is right and also
for speed testing (as well so that things like printing could use
Cairo if it was so desired).

For people who don't want CDraw around at all (even unused, in
the source package only) we could put that in a separate package.
At this stage, the package would not require non-GPL code.