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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Move from CDraw to AGG

Alex Bligh wrote:
>What I am hoping will happen is it will be a compile-time
>option to include (or exclude) CDraw (as Cairo will be useful even
>when CDraw is compiled in). To start off with, it might be a compile-time
>option to include Cairo, as it will inevitably be less than fully
>functional to start off with. When both are compiled in, there would
>then be the possibility of a choice between rendering engines, which
>would be useful to make sure the final output is right and also
>for speed testing (as well so that things like printing could use
>Cairo if it was so desired).
>For people who don't want CDraw around at all (even unused, in
>the source package only) we could put that in a separate package.
>At this stage, the package would not require non-GPL code.

Isn't it possible to build it modular and as a runtime option 
(not really switchable during runtime, but at startup-time with a 
start-parameter - see my mail from 2007/2/21), but not as a compile-
time option? 

Perhaps, it's possible to build this with a architecture like 
other modular software packages (for example the Apache Webserver
with his module structure)?

Marcus Reimann