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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Move from CDraw to AGG

Alex Bligh wrote:
>This would be achieved by building in both CDraw and Cairo. I presume
>we'd have a user interface option to do this. There are still remnants
>of an option to allow OS rendering rather than CDraw rendering anyway
>(this makes Xtreme use OSRenderRegion rather than GRenderRegion
>for the screen), and I presume it might work a bit like that.
>However, the point is some people won't want any trace of non-free
>(GPL free, not free-as-in-beer) code in their program, whether it's
>switched off or not.

Good point. Security plays a important role.

>From the view of architecture a small kernel with the possibility
to read from a config file and the shell (start-parameter) could be
a good solution. After starting, the kernel would load the right
Graphic Engine Module and the rest of the system. With this architecture
we should be able to create a standard (GPL free) edition of Xara Xtreme 
for Linux, but also able to download and install the (faster) CDraw 
kernel module from the Xara Ltd. homepage. This way it depends on the 
user, which Graphics Engine module he like.
But I'm afraid, this ends in a perfect modular structure, but slow
like the startup screen from Adobe Illustrator with all the "load module"
messages and a long waiting time... :-(