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[XaraXtreme-dev] Minimum wxWidgets version

Now wxWidgets 2.6.3-rc2 is available, and works, I have somewhat
reluctantly raised the minimum version number to 2.6.3 (-rc2
reports itself as 2.6.3). This is because:
* There's no hope of getting it to work on the Mac with 2.6.2
  given Stefan's comments, and the known bugs in Mac raw bitmap
  handling prior to 2.6.3
* There's no easy workaround for the slider problems in 2.6.2
* There are a pile more bodges needed to get sub 2.6.3 to work.

If you are running 2.6.2 (or 2.6.1!), or the previous
Xara bugfix tarball (which is now not needed), you will need
to upgrade.

If you have a 2.6.3 release candidate prior to -rc2, you will
need to upgrade to -rc2 once I put in the slider fixes.

If you are running WX_2_6_BRANCH from cvs, you will need to
"cvs up" if you have not done so in the past day.

If you are running CVSHEAD, you are OK.

If you are running 2.6.3-rc2, you are OK.

I have amended the website build instructions.

I can thus do the slider fix sometime soon. If the double
buffer call has made 2.6.3-rc2 I can reduce the link line
and the include line substantially (I haven't looked yet).