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[XaraXtreme-dev] Mac compiler problems

Apologies if you have asked me a question and I haven't responded - I don't seem to be seeing all the messages sent to dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and my iMac won't compile Camelot at the moment so I can't compare my build to yours (Dom).

Compiler problem:
The compiler randomly reports spurious syntax errors, often concerning enums, but if I just restart the build, it will compile that file with no trouble and fail later on. Using this "bash through" technique I got wx2.6.3 and Camelot compiled and working yesterday but now I can't even build the precompiled header. I get a Bus Error from gcc all the time.

I've rebooted and ensured memory is fairly clear but I haven't found a way around this one yet.

I've reported the problem to Apple but I really need a workaround now. Anyone got any suggestions?