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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] MacOSX Bundle

On 22 Mar 2006, at 09:51, Alex Bligh wrote:


--On 22 March 2006 09:52 +0100 Dominik Wagner <dom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

the examples of wxwidgets on the mac all have a bundle creation in the
build phase
On 21.03.2006, at 17:20, Phil Martin wrote. in the controls sample
makefile it looks like this:

To my uneducated eye, this looks like a better way to go.


In essence all I've done is to store the icons file and Info.plist in SVN, ready for the makefile to do something clever with them. I just happen to have stored them in a folder structure that looks an awful lot like a bundle! I'm agnostic about how the makefile builds a real bundle using that info.

Remember that there may be more files in Camelot's bundle in future because Camelot is a more complex app than a wxWidgets sample and will probably therefore have a more complex bundle.