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[XaraXtreme-dev] GPL for designs?


I'm working towards uploading XaraLX to Debian. For that, I'm wondering
if not only the source, but also the designs in the Designs/ folder are
covered by the GPL, and if not, under what term they are made public.

If they are not under a free licence, I'd like to see them moved to a
different tarball, so that the regular XaraLX source tarball only
contains free software and can be put on the debian archives as-is.

Also, I'd like to know the state of the CDraw release. Currently, XaraLX
can't go to the regular Debian archive ("main"), as it depends on this
yet-non-free library, but if it will take long for the CDraw freeing, I
could consider putting XaraLX in non-free for the meantime.


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