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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] GPL for designs?


I'm working towards uploading XaraLX to Debian. For that, I'm wondering
if not only the source, but also the designs in the Designs/ folder are
covered by the GPL, and if not, under what term they are made public.

If they are not under a free licence, I'd like to see them moved to a
different tarball, so that the regular XaraLX source tarball only
contains free software and can be put on the debian archives as-is.

At Lyon, Charles said they were "just available to copy" (i.e. less
restricted than GPL even). We should probably get a definitive license
from Xara though as you point out. Charles/Neil?

Also, I'd like to know the state of the CDraw release. Currently, XaraLX
can't go to the regular Debian archive ("main"), as it depends on this
yet-non-free library, but if it will take long for the CDraw freeing, I
could consider putting XaraLX in non-free for the meantime.

That's a question only Xara can answer, but the gist of what was said
was "a few months". My suggestion would be to get the package going
for now, then move it to main when possible (obviously the CDraw
situation prevents that right now & the Xara guys are aware of that).