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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Compile on Slackware 10.2

Alex Bligh wrote:

I'm not sure building the static build is yet as resilient as building the
dynamic build. You might want to avoid "--enable-static-exec" and
"--disable-shared". The only current user of the static build is Luke
for the release tarballs, so it may be less than resilient. Most of
us use dynamic (as per the build instructions).

If your distribution installs stuff in /usr/lib etc. (Debian, Ubuntu
etc.) you might want to add "--prefix=/usr" to both lines.

Add me to the list of folks using static wxWidgets :) I have several other apps that use the library and I need to stick with a stable version installed that works with wxPython so I can still have wxGlade.

-lCDraw uses the CDraw library distributed with the app (see the libs/
directory). Again, I suspect the problem here is trying to use the
static build. Try again using the dynamic build, which (somewhat
perversely) will probably static link in CDraw.

The application built fine after editing the Makefile, and I have it running.

We should fix the static build or put a note somewhere to say it
isn't in a great state right now (I'm assuming that's what the
issue is Luke?)

I'm not great at autoconf/make stuff but I'll see if I can figure anything out. In the meantime I'll make a debug version and see if I can get XaraLX to segfault a little for me so I can learn the source and make with the patching :)

Brent W.