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FW: [XaraXtreme-dev] FreeBSD port for XaraLX 0.3r712 created

I assume this refers to the source tar archive download. Do we delete
those automatically Graeme? Can we keep rev712 around?


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>> Re the version number incrementing, currently the build server builds
>> every 3-6 hours, and just pulls off the latest revision. So the
>> number incrementing just means someone is doing some work :-) I'm not
>> sure whether or not the old versions are kept. I feel we should at
>> least keep the old stable versions. Note you can always get any
>> particular revision from svn (obviously).
> It will be a problem if the old versions get deleted since they are
> referenced in the port's files and the port will render unusable if
> disappear from the download site. I think at least Gentoo will suffer
> from the same problem.

Not my call, but I can see that keeping n copies of a source repository
that changes every three hours is going to eat disk space. There is a
recommended release every week or two, and probably keeping a copy of
that source file should be enough (if people want to run the bleeding
edge version AND a port, they can work out how to use svn :-) )