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[XaraXtreme-dev] LOGFONT

In message <200603291453.k2TEr8Jx031849@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Gavin wrote:

> Commit by  : gavin
>    M /Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/fontbase.h
> Removed the definition of LOGFONT from fontbase.h. This definition was
> causing a compiler fault and doesn't appear to be used anyway.

Very much so - the kernel requires LOGFONT (and ENUMLOGFONT) to be 
defined, which is of course the case on a Windows system because this 
is a Windows structure. So, for all other systems, there needs to be 
some definition in wxOil. This definition used to be in compatdef.h 
but I moved it to fontbase.h because due to its use in the 
Kernel/wxOil font caching interaction it has really become a 
Kernel/wxOil interface type, which is not desirable, but this is just 
how I found things. The Kernel/wxOil interaction should be changed in 
the future to not rely on a Windows structure.

What kind of fault did that definition cause and on what system?