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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] The _R macro and ctype.h

--On 29 March 2006 12:37 +0100 Ben Fowler <ben.the.mole@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Alternatively, using the model that wxWidgets employs in '#undef _T'
at wxchar.h line 223, we
could '#undef _R' at say, line 113 of stdwx.h .

I am slightly surprised that Vasil Dimov from FreeBSD and Gerry Iles
(Xara) haven't come
across the same problem - or at least haven't commented on it, but it
is just conceivable that this
issue is Mac only.

Even so, if there is a common sense approach to avoiding name clashes
especially with the
pre-processor, I would be very tempted to adopt it, even if the
offered gain is small.

Oooerrr - I guess this is Mac only. I take responsibility for _R.
I am very surprised it didn't cause problems on existing
mac builds. It's probably possible to change it (being the cause
of the problem, I volunteer to fix it), but I'd like to get people's
views first. #undef'ing it before it is defined (i.e. in the
precompiled headers) would be a trivial fix. Nothing in Camelot
uses _R for any other purpose.