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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text rendering status


--On 31 March 2006 18:28 +0200 Martin Wuerthner <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Are you working / planning to work on the text tool?

Not yet (except for looking at it briefly), but sooner or later I will
probably have a go at it.

If you need a hand, just shout.

Many thanks.

I blind converted quite a lot of it to work with Unicode and to load
the info bar & cursors, so I hope I didn't break anything...

Many thanks, that will be useful. I might have a look at it next week,
but there is quite a bit of work still to be done on the rendering
layer, so I will concentrate on that first. At least from now on, the
text tool work could be done in parallel.

OK, I got it to compile and link, fiddled with the info bar a bit
and fixed up the cursors. It now sort of does stuff (it's far from
perfect) but at least it's in a state you can easily work on it.
It's missing a caret (doesn't render), and keypresses don't seem
to get to it (so you can't seem to type). But you can load a text
story and do things like double click on words and it highlights
them appropriately.

The font dropdown is disabled because it uses some horrible custom control
that shouldn't be in kernel land. I suggest you recode it as a normal combo
box responding to dialog message, and if later you would like a custom font
combo (I think there is a wx combo hanging around that does that) we can
use that instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.