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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Sliders & feathering

--On 03 April 2006 18:33 +0100 Neil Howe <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Feather/undo seem pretty broken in the current build now so I assume
this is all work in progress. Eg. Applying feather, undoing and then
applying again often crashes LX and sometimes nothing happens while
dragging the feather slider with an object selected.

Let me know if you want these bugs in bugzilla.

It's the slider "fix" that brought the problem up. I suspect there
was a bodge inserted into the feather code to cope with the previous
broken sliders, or the code is unnecessarily sensitive to message
order, but I can't immediately see the problem. I think someone
who understands the code needs to have a look at it.