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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Release announcements?

We've not released 0.4 as the recommended version yet, we've just
updated the 'latest' version to 0.4 in preparation. Right now 0.4 is
less stable than 0.3. So there is no announcement to be made about this
until we release 0.4 as our recommended version, then a list of
improvements will be sent to the mail lists and published on the web
site as usual.



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> Hi,
> I just noticed that someone was refering to version 0.4 on the list,
> nobody announced that. Would it be possible to drop a short mail on
> list upon new versions? Maybe even with a short overview of the
> so that users and package maintainers can decide if it's worth an
> upgrade?
> Thanks,
> Joachim
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