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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Release announcements?

--On 04 April 2006 09:22 +0100 Neil Howe <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

We've not released 0.4 as the recommended version yet, we've just
updated the 'latest' version to 0.4 in preparation. Right now 0.4 is
less stable than 0.3. So there is no announcement to be made about this
until we release 0.4 as our recommended version, then a list of
improvements will be sent to the mail lists and published on the web
site as usual.

That's a slightly confusing way to do version numbering. I think either you
should use the "-rc" convention, or only bump the version number on a
"recommended" version. People will naturally assume any version numbered
0.4 will be either the recommended release version or some later derivative
thereof. If a version labeled "0.4" can be either in advance of or behind
the recommended release version, there's going to be natural confusion, IE
the version number will add nothing in builds other than the recommended
release build. The confusion is worse if you don't tell people why the
version number has been bumped (even on the dev list).