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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Numeric values and internationalisation

I assume this must be a new XaraLX specific problem presumably caused by
some bit of code having been disabled or ported somewhat loosely as
there have been German versions of most of the windows versions of
Camelot and I don't believe these suffer from the problems you mention.

It sounds most likely that some function for converting a string into a
float (or possibly a function that reads a double value from a control)
has been changed during the porting work so either it is not trying to
do anything special or is not using the correct settings for the locale.


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I have big problems entering values into editable fields because it 
seems that the values are displayed in local representation but not 
read accordingly.

For instance, the line spacing of a newly created text object is 
displayed as 100,00% which is the correct representation on a German 
machine. Changing this to 120,00% and pressing Return results in 
12000,00% being applied and displayed. Apparently, the decimal comma 
is ignored when reading the value. So, to reliably enter a value on a 
German machine, the user has to remove the decimal comma manually.

Even more confusingly, some fields are linked, so changing one causes 
the other to be read as well. For instance, the current position of 
the selection may be displayed as X: 200,00 Y: 300,00 - changing the X 
position to 210 (carefully removing the comma) and pressing Return 
results in X: 210,00 Y: 30000,00 to be applied because the Y field is 
interpreted as well. So, to change either the X or Y position, the 
user has to edit both values and remove the commas.