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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Numeric values and internationalisation

I assume this must be a new XaraLX specific problem presumably caused by
some bit of code having been disabled or ported somewhat loosely as
there have been German versions of most of the windows versions of
Camelot and I don't believe these suffer from the problems you mention.

It sounds most likely that some function for converting a string into a
float (or possibly a function that reads a double value from a control)
has been changed during the porting work so either it is not trying to
do anything special or is not using the correct settings for the locale.

A lot of the units stuff was broken on Unicode builds and various
people (me certainly, I think also Luke) made various changes in an
attempt to fix them. It's possible we made a mistake. You might want
to try the unit conversion stuff in the Blobby Dialog (test dialog)
and see if it works in a German locale.