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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xcode project query


Here's my project as far as it goes - very much an early draft. I have added all the source files and other interesting files that I think should be visible in the XCode display and I have set target membership for the Debug(Development) configuration as close as I can without being able to build it - there may be some files missing and they should show up during linking. At the moment a bunch of source bitmaps get copied into the target Apps Resources folder - I haven't got around to fixing that yet.

Note that I found that during compilation I had to replace one call to _tcsdup with wxStrdup but since that change is speculative I haven't checked it into SVN yet. You'll find it!

Apols in advance if settings are missing or hardwired for paths on my machine - obviously any such things need to be ironed out so that the project file can be used on any machine with minimal change.

The attached file should live in the root XaraLX folder.


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On 6 Apr 2006, at 15:46, Ben Fowler wrote:

On 06/04/06, Phil Martin <phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've created an XCode project t ... but
once it has created all the .o files, instead of linking them
together it "Bundlizes" them, making a corresponding .ob file for
each .o file.

 Isn't it meant to do that?

I can't find out why it's doing this or how to change it. Anyone any

You are possibly several steps ahead of me: I am trying to create
wxOil. Kernel and now tools Frameworks as targets within a XaraLX
project, and am having hideous problems linking owing to hundreds of
undefined symbol errors.

I do look forward to seeing your project, mind?