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[XaraXtreme-dev] Xara LX 0.4 Released

Progress continues apace. We're pleased to announce that the 0.4 stable version is now available. Download it from www.xaraxtreme.org/download/.

Very large parts of Xara Xtreme are now functional. These are just some of the working features. Give them a try:-
* Opens and renders all the XAR files we've tried. Rendering 100% complete. If you find a file that doesn't load and render correctly let us know please.
* Text now renders!
* Xtreme menus now working (but with a lot of non-working menu entries marked)
* Selection tool (95% complete)
* Object delete cut/copy/paste/duplicate/clone using menus or Ctrl-X,C,V,D,K
* Drag objects around, plus scale, rotate, shear. Plus numeric control via Infobar
* Right click drop-copy while dragging
* Magnetic object snap. Grid snap and grid display.
* Zoom tool (100% complete)
* Push tool 100% complete (middle mouse button also works to push the page around while in any tool)
* Group and ungroup (Ctrl-G, Ctrl-U)
* Undo/redo using toolbar, icons or Ctrl-Z / Y
* Shape editor for editing and creating shapes (95% complete)
* Pen bezier path tool 95% complete
* Rectangle, Ellipse and QuickShape tools (100%)
* Arrange toolbar and menus - change the z-order of objects, slice/join/add/subtract shapes
* Interactive Feather tool
* Fill tool (90% complete)
* Transparency tool (90% complete)
* Blend tool (90% complete)
* Bevel tool (9% complete)
* Text tool mostly working (single text objects and text columns, editing mostly works). No font list yet. 
* Freehand tool partially works (25% operational. Has smoothing problems. No brushes yet)
* Shadow tool mostly works (90% complete)
* Color line (click to set colors or drag colors and drop onto shapes). No colour editor yet I'm afraid.

..... and there's many more features. It's getting difficult to list all the working features now!

In addition Xara LX can now be translated into different languages. See the translation page of the web site for details (www.xaraxtreme.org/developers/documentation/translations.html).

BUT .... we still don't have save or export working. These crucial features (which will mean Xara LX becomes a useful tool) will be in version 0.5, coming soon!

We'd like to fix the ugly drop down menus, buttons, combo boxes and sliders in the next release, but this is a WxWidgets / GTK issue.

If you can crash this version we'd like to know about it, and how to replicate the crash.

>From the XaraLX team.