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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Just checked in...

Alex Bligh wrote:

There seems to be piles of code which is dependent on the GIF stuff for reasons I don't entirely understand, and untangling that was the biggest PITA in getting galleries working. Like a lot of galleries code, especially sgframe etc. - I presume this is for generating preview bitmaps etc., and (as far as sgframe is concerned) looking into the various frames of a multi-image gif. It seems to me that none of these should be specifically tied to GIF format.

I found that a lot of code that claimed to be reliant on sgframe.h was only really depending on two parameter classes, FramePropertiesParam and AnimPropertiesParam. I have moved those classes into a file of their own, animparams.cpp/h. Those classes don't use any GIF bindings.

I didn't look into gallery dependencies but you might find that this change helps a bit...?