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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Debugging drags

I am presuming it's also possible in Ubuntu to run
more than one "classic" XServers (i.e. two real X
Servers both using the same graphics h/w),
and have CTRL-ALT-F7/F8 switch between them. It should
then be possible to debug a program in a completely
separate X environment, though no doubt the Xauth
problem needs tweaking. This has the disadvantage
that you won't (obviously) be able to simultaneously
see kdevelop/gdb and the application you are
debugging (though you can flick between them). I haven't
yet tested this one.

Tested. It works.

For those not familiar - quick tutorial:

This method is rather easier as it happens, can be
configure all in the GUI (at least on Ubuntu) so
Phil will like it ( :-) ), Camelot still runs with
whatever X acceleration it has before.

Assuming you are running gdm, run gdmsetup as root.
In Ubuntu, you can do this from the System Menu
by choosing Administration. Then Login Screen Startup.
Choose the tab marked "XServer". Add another XServer
with ID "1", of type "Standard". Sadly you will then
need to quit X and restart (should make you windows
guys feel at home). You don't need to actually
reboot, just quit X.

Now log in as normal. You are logged into terminal
:0. Press CTRL-ALT-F8 and you are in terminal :1
(a completely different X Server). CTRL-ALT-F7 gets
you back again.

Now, if you have a drag debugging problem, you
just run (in terminal :0) with the environment
variable DISPLAY set to ":1.0". This will make
camelot appear on the other terminal. You can
now debug drags as normal.

If your video card has two display ports, I see
no reason why you shouldn't make one XServer
drive each display port (clearly you will also
need two monitors...)