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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxODComboBox


--On 23 April 2006 20:29 +0100 Charles Moir <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Looks great on Windows, but then Wx has always looked OK on Windows.
It's GTK that's it looks truly terrible, and that's being generous.

Yes it should allow fixing this.

So it would be a great step forward to get this resolved on GTK. Will
this fix your monster buttons in the galleries, or is that completely
separate? (same issue as the combo box in that the buttons / controls
are too huge).

Oh the monster buttons in the galleries are just that I haven't bothered
to do anything about them yet :-) I'm using a normal wxButton there,
and if you make them sufficiently thin they fit in a double decker
control (which is what that actually is, just bloated) they look fine
except you can't see any text (just a small problem that...).

So what I planned to do was just use the wxCamArtControl (that's the normal
bitmap button) with a bitmap that's created on the fly (and cached) by
rendering the text. I'd have thought that would be acceptable? (obviously
they'll be wider than normal).

Thanks for reminding me, I'd got so used to the monster buttons I'd
forgot they needed fixing :-)

I think the main other UI problem with (say) the layer gallery is that
tabbed dialogs don't work so you get no properties page. I am looking
at how to fix this so we can use wxListBook as a drop in replacement
to tabs (that's the one with the scrolly list of icons on the left)
where we want to.

You may have noticed some gallery docking funnies too.