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RE: Gallery buttons (was Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxODComboBox)

All my Linux installs are currently broken (had PC version of Ubuntu
working really nicely on the Mactel using VM software, until that
decided to die, beyond repair so far - it was Beta).

But I can easily draw some nice small buttons if that's what you want.
Should that be with text to without? Given that reliable, predictable
text rendering appears to be the bane of all Linux installs, I'd suggest
it be with text. But then it wouldn't work with translated resources
(unless the buttons me made part of the resources as well).


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> Subject: Gallery buttons (was Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxODComboBox)
> Alex Bligh wrote:
> >> So it would be a great step forward to get this resolved 
> on GTK. Will 
> >> this fix your monster buttons in the galleries, or is that 
> completely 
> >> separate? (same issue as the combo box in that the buttons 
> / controls 
> >> are too huge).
> > 
> > Oh the monster buttons in the galleries are just that I haven't 
> > bothered to do anything about them yet :-)
> Would the UI pixel-purists (hi Charles) like to have a look 
> at the next build after my last checkin? I have made the 
> gallery buttons smaller as requested. As predicted, we can't 
> use native GTK buttons so I had to do all the rendering myself (sigh).
> Alex