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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Wierd redraw artefact on latest build

Luke Hart wrote:

Phil Martin wrote:

I'm getting a wierd redraw artefact on the latest build (SVN HEAD incl. new CDraw lib).

When I load up any drawing (e.g. Groucho2 or BlueCar) it readrws fine when first rendered but if I invalidate areas by scrolling or popping up menus the new areas are rendered faded out - as if a white component is being mixed into everything.

Does anyone else see this?



That's odd, I don't see that behaviour (x86_64 with latest CDraw\XaraLX). Is this on a Mac or normal Linux build?


x86_32 Fedora Core 4.

Hmmm... OK, in that case I will revert my changes and see what happens...