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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxCamDrawControl creation error in align dialog


Does anyone get the same error message as me when trying to invoke the
align dialog ? It started to pop up a few days from today. It says the
following: 'No handler found for XML node 'object', class
wxCamDrawControl' ? After that the drawings in the dialog become
obviously unavailable.  Alex - could you check this please, whether you
have it or not. I have the same error in my Colour Editor dialog so I
think the reason is the same.

Works fine here (very recent build). Sometimes this means that one of
the other dialog resources is corrupt, normally that there is a missing
'</object>' in some prior dialog.

The dialog combiner counts these, and should whine if there is a
problem, but it's a warning and it might have got lost in the
other noise.

	rm wxOil/xrc/dialogs.xrs wxOil/resources.cpp

and then do a remake.