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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] OSRenderRegion::DrawTransformedBitmap


In Xtreme we experimented with using GRenderRegions in the bitmap
gallery to improve the quality of the thumbnails. (The quality of the
thumbnails in the bitmap gallery using OSRenderRegion is truly appalling
- sticks out like a sore thumb to me...) This change was removed before
release of Xtreme because it was slower than the OSRenderRegion
equivalent but maybe that's not true under wxWidgets.

We did this simply by changing BitmapSGallery::CreateRenderRegion to
call CreateGRenderRegion instead of CreateOSRenderRegion. (And similar
change to DestroyRenderRegion.)

That might not suit because of the text rendering problem you mention
but it might be educational to try it. Maybe it simpler to fix system
text rendering in GRenderRegion than attempting the things you are


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I'm trying to fix up the above so the bitmap gallery (inter-alia) works.

What it does is plots a KernelBitmap to the screen, having scaled it.
You would have thought this would be simple, but no it's not.

Firstly, internally we appear to store our bitmaps (inside an OilBitmap)
in a format which is neither a wxImage or a wxBitmap (fair enough as
neither of those classes are sufficiently flexible). So if I am taking
the "use the OS" route, I need to convert it to a wxImage in order to do
any processing on it at all. Cue a conversion to 32bpp and a large
amount of memory use.
Also, cue stepping through the image pixel by pixel, which doesn't seem
Next I need to resize it to the correct size as wx seems to have no
concept of StretchBlit (or more accurately its blit code just calls the
resize code anyway). Well, at least that frees up most of the memory as
these are just thumbnails. Next, I need to convert it to a wxBitmap,
which will downsample the colour if necessary as I understand it. And
lastly, I need to plot it in the right place.

All this sounds a horribly memory-consumptive activity. Let's say I have
a 1bpp bitmap which is an A4 scan at 300dpi. That's a quite reasonable
1Mb if my calculations are correct. Just plotting the bitmap is going to
cause 32Mb to be allocated, filled, and removed, every time the bitmap
is redrawn in the gallery (or better yet, every time a rectangle
intersecting the bitmap is redrawn!). At 600dpi, that would be a 128Mb
memory allocation. And I hear the rescale call is pretty useless too
(lack of antialiasing).

I can't convert the whole thing over to use GRenderRegion as the system
text plotting stuff doesn't work there.

So I am left with the following cunning plan, which is sufficiently
disgusting I'd like a second opinion on it!

* Inside OSRenderRegion::DrawTransformedBitmap, create a new
  GRenderRegion, which lasts only for the life of the call.

* The new GRenderRegion will either render directly to the
  DC (or rather a copy of it), which I think will work, or if that
  fails I'm left with GRenderBitmap (or whatever the equivalent call
  is called) and converting the (scaled) bitmap to a wxImage/wxBitmap or
  possibly some new subclass of GRenderRegion which produces a
  wxImage/wxBitmap directly.

* All the GRenderRegion's short life consists of is one call to
  GRenderRegion::DrawTransformedBitmap, which will do the job properly
  using GDraw (I hope).

Is this feasible? Is it disgusting? Should I be avoiding using
GRenderRegion (or gdraw as a whole) from OSRenderRegion? Would we do
better writing a fast call to generate an arbitrary size wxImage (say)
from a KernelBitmap?
Do we indeed already have a similar call to this?