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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Bitmap Gallery drag/View redraw

Phil Martin wrote:

GRenderRegions do not background render in themselves - background rendering is handled by the View classes which shoudl not be involved here. Related: I've noticed that rectangle merging appears to be disabled on a document view when the bitmap gallery is opened and dragged around. But only while the gallery window falls partly inside, partly outside the view. As soon as the gallery window falls entirely within the view rect, region merging seems to start up again.

Let me correct that: It looks like the region merging is happening fine but the redraw is held up longer when the gallery is partly over windows other than the view window.

If it's a timing issue, it might be debug tracing. Does it happen with
(say) the layer gallery in a retail build? I do go through my own
rectangle list, but that should (hopefully) not be problematic, should
it? (different redraw request).