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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: wxDialogs in Tabbed dialogs


Alex Bligh wrote:
Currently all of the dialogs that appear in tabbed dialogs (certainly for
bitmap export) are wxDialogs, this doesn't work since wxPropertySheet
needs them to be wxPanel. Can you tweak your translation script to make
all the dialogs in bmapprev.xrc are wxPanels.

Am I right in thinking that panels don't have titles? I am trying to use
this information to fill out the tabs, which obviously this doesn't work.

Yes indeed I can change this.

OK so I've fixed these

> I was actually going to fix tabbed dialogs
myself. But if you are doing it, so much the better. I take it you are
aware that most of the DialogTabOp class needs re-enabling, as well as
the relevant DialogManager fixes?

Are you doing this, or shall I?


The problem with wxPanel is that neither the label nor the title attribute
is present (rather annoyingly). You might have a look at
DialogManager::Create to see how I resolved this for bars which have a
similar problem. Essentially I try and get a label/title (it is on the fix
list) and if it fails, default to various other options. The first is using
the tooltip (which is set right, and unused). As a final fallback I think I
look for a string-table version of the dialog name. This seems to work

The "hard" bit is getting them to create in the correct order, and getting
the wxPanels once created to correctly reparent, getting the sizer configs
right in the event there are sizers. But it's far from impossible.