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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] XML libraries

wxWidgets recommend not using their current xml stuff because it's going to change (sorry, I can't now find where I read this - but I did, honest!)


On 28 Apr 2006, at 10:18, Alex Bligh wrote:

--On 28 April 2006 10:10 +0100 Phil Martin <Phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Out of interest what does Camelot do that needs a DOM style
interface to the XML, or is it just how all of the code is written
at the momemnt (which I surpose is a good enought reason!).

The help and movies download system and the XPF filter use the DOM
interface. Other existing code is written using DOM interfaces but
doesn't manipulate the XML document.

If we write out bars at some point, one way of doing this I've considered
would be to write out the XRC (i.e. the XML) ourselves. Another XML
library use. I am not enough of an XML guru to tell you whether that
would be better using DOM interfaces or not.

OTOH I was thinking getting wxWindows to /write/ their XML contents back
should probably be contributed to wxWidgets (given that's what reads

Note there is some limited XML handling in wx itself. It's probably
insufficient for what you want, but I thought I'd mention it.