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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Bitmap Gallery drag/View redraw


Gerry Iles wrote:
I've just fixed up dragbmp.cpp/.h to compile though the rendering code
is currently PORTNOTEd out.

It should be reasonably simple to port the rest by looking at other bits
of rendering code that have already been ported...

I think that using the wx dragging classes would involve modifying the
whole DragManagerOp system to suit it...

OK, I fixed this up, but I am having problems with:

BOOL CaptureWnd::DrawTransparentDrag(wxPoint point, INT32 Transparency)

which I think you fixed up earlier. In essence, it doesn't seem to work!
(it always draws black).

I have #ifdef'd out its use (so it isn't called on GTK) but I don't
really understand how it was meant to work in the first place and
don't have the windows code. Any chance you could take a look please?

Dragging a bitmap in the bitmap gallery is a good test.

(the remaining portnote is for when there is no bitmap - I'll
fix that up in a bit).