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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Bitmap Gallery drag/View redraw

I've just fixed up dragbmp.cpp/.h to compile though the rendering code
is currently PORTNOTEd out.

It should be reasonably simple to port the rest by looking at other bits
of rendering code that have already been ported...

I think that using the wx dragging classes would involve modifying the
whole DragManagerOp system to suit it...


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> I don't see anything like this going wrong with the layer gallery.
> is looking great now by the way Alex - excellent.

The colour (and as of 2 mins ago bitmap) galleries are largely working
now. The main problems are the property dialogs (where there are tabs), 
and in the bitmap gallery dragging is not working because dragbmp
isn't compiling (bitmap dragging). There is a wx bitmap dragging
class and I have no idea whether it would be easier to fix that
or to use the current code. I don't know whether or not Gerry planned
to fix this up with his general dragging fixes.

The name gallery is seriously weird (I need to take a long hard look)
and the others are basically library galleries I think, which need
file operations in order to work sensibly.