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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] GBrush problems

Certainly within CDraw I know nothing about screen BPP so, no, it can't
be tied to screen resolution. The Camelot end of things may well be tied
to screen resolution though.

Note that I haven't tested the CDraw code for returning 1bpp brushes.

If there is a problem with the GBrush class, then please feel free to
alter it. I only changed it in order to get the CDraw functionality
working. The old way of interfacing to CDraw wasn't going to work with
the wxBrush class.


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GBrush creation seems fundamentally tied to screen BPP. This is going to
cause problems (for instance when printing, and presumably when
outputting to bitmap). Is this intentional or have I misread the code?

Alex (who is having a bad day trying to create 1bpp dither patterns)